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Racism And Police Brutality Today By Cassandra Chaney And...

My first scholarly article that I read was Racism and Police Brutality in America by Cassandra Chaney and Ray V. Robertson. The article begins by highlighting the beating of Rodney King in 1992. Police brutality has gone on for a long time, and with the help of technology it has finally been brought to the light. In 1992, four white police officers beat an African American man named Rodney King. The events were caught on camera and were aired that night by a local TV station in Los Angeles. In the video the officers kicked, tasered, and beat King until he was left with an inch of his life. The injuries King sustained were crushed bones, shattered teeth, kidney damage and a fractured skull. The Rodney King beating showed American people the†¦show more content†¦This targeting led to the incarceration, imprisonment, chain gangs, prison farms and other correctional facilities for tens of thousands of African American men, women, and children.† The idea of mass incarcerati on being used to systematically oppress black people has traveled to the surface with Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, and Taylor talks about the effect of mass incarceration. In the book, Alexander highlights that the majority of the African American men are either in prison or have some type of criminal record making it unable for them to vote and get jobs. Alexander describes the criminal justice systems as the â€Å"New Jim Crow,† a modern type of oppression for African Americans. Mass incarceration rate skyrocketed during the Drug War and many African American were jailed for several years for petty crimes, shown in the documentary 13th by Ava DuVernay. Alexander book shows the oppression of African American and is a statement to change our criminal justice system that is targeted to victimize African Americans. Ultimately, Taylor points out that not only do the police have the power to destroy your body, but by using their power to charge African Amer ican men for petty crimes they able to effectively keep African Americans in a lower-class status, supporting the white suprematist view manifested in our police force. The Destruction of Black Bodies I examined a selection of articles regarding some of the high profile cases of police brutality likeShow MoreRelatedThe New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration1347 Words   |  6 PagesHunter Silver Dr. Kendall Smith English 103-4120 10 November 2015 High Incarceration Rates Due to Racism Racism effects the the high incarceration rates according to Michelle Alexander, the author of â€Å"The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. This scholar writes about how the civil rights movement has been taken back by the mass incarceration of black Americans in the war on drugs. Alexander also explains how the severe consequences that these black men carry on afterRead MorePolice Brutality And Its Effects1973 Words   |  8 PagesThe term / issue of â€Å"Police Brutality† has been going on as early as the late 1800s and is something that still possibly has the same effect to its victims today. On August 22, 2006, a twelve year old girl, Dymond Milburn, was sent outside to go switch a circuit breaker. Then a van with three undercover officers came out and accused her of being a prostitute and were about to arrest her. One of the men grabbed Dymond and said â€Å"You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.† Like any o ther person

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The Violence And Sexual Conquest Of Women Essay - 1836 Words

When my roommate was in elementary school, the boys in her grade would not let her play sports with her. The reason they gave her was that she was a girl, and sports were not for girls. She was told that she was not strong enough to play, and that sports were a boy thing. They then told her to go play house or kiss tag. When they said that, she proceeded to beat the boys up, making them look like the ones who weren’t strong. While violence is not the way to prove someone wrong, this story has a point. Taylor wanted to play basketball, but she was told she couldn’t because she was a girl. This might seem like innocent children making assumptions, but this is where it begins. These children will grow into adults that watch movies like Pixel, where the woman who is objectified is literally turned into an object, watch television shows like Two and a Half Men, which glorifies the manipulation and sexual conquest of women, and read books like Lolita and take it seriously. Th is idea, while developed in other places as well, is created through the media. Some people believe that equality has been reached, or that because women have obtained more rights than they had, the feminist cause is done. Contrary to this belief, feminism and equality have not been obtained. The media is a symptom of the disease, and if we continue at the pace we are at, women will continue to be degraded. Others are afraid to be labeled as a feminist. In America, 85% of people believe women and men shouldShow MoreRelated`` Bad Indians `` By Deborah Miranda1408 Words   |  6 PagesIndians†, she uses documents, images, and drawings to expose colonial violence and provides evidence of a history of conquest. There are different types of colonial violence that are depicted throughout her memoir, such as: physical, emotional, sexual, and cultural violence. Additionally, Miranda exposes the nature of colonial violence by providing evidence by implementing particular sources to contribute in confirming the history of conquest throughout the lives of California Mission Indians. The CaliforniaRead MoreThe Story Of An Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao1147 Words   |  5 Pageswhere men have high sex drive and the power to dominate women by controlling their sexuality through violence, coercion, and verbal aggression. Oscar contradicts this machismo power by appearing emasculated like a woman. This shows that women have lower social standing compared to men, even lower than that of weak men like Oscar in Dominican culture. Sexuality plays a central role in Diaz’s novel to illustrate the dominance of masculinity over women in Dominican culture. Oscar and Yunior illustrateRead MoreIntroduction In this paper, I argue that while sexual violence is arguably the monopoly of men, it1000 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction In this paper, I argue that while sexual violence is arguably the monopoly of men, it is culturally cultivated rather than biologically determined. Consistent with the concept of Hegemonic Masculinity which theorises male domination of other males and subordination of females (Connell, 2005), I assert that rape is particularly rampant in societies where sexual violence is an effective means of attaining this status quo. Thus when rape is institutionalised in the context of war whereRead MoreEssay about The Effects of Rape Culture in Modern Society 1107 Words   |  5 Pagesstates freedom of expression, statistics show rape and sexual assault numbers have risen due to the presence of rape culture in modern society. Rape culture promotes more assaults and violent acts, not only towards women but also towards men. Some evidence rape culture is present in today’s society are rising statistics showing that only three out of a hundred rapists see jail time and that over 17 million American women are victims of sexual assault every year. Rape culture is seen in every aspectRead MoreRichard Wright s Native Son1595 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica (Ann Rayson). The book follows Bigger Thomas’s journey through self-realization, while exposing the line of racism and its effects in 1930s Chicago. Yet, for an African-American narrative, the story lacks one key character, a strong woman. The women Wright includes in his story are only there as a tool to better shape Bigger’s, or another man’s, character. While the lack of any strong, female character could be based on Richard Wright’s own life, his presentation of Mrs. Thomas, Vera, Mrs. DaltonRead MoreSexual Violence And American Indian Genocide1168 Words   |  5 PagesAndrea Smith’s book Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide read passionately about Native American Indians experiences relative to violence and related topics. Part of Smith’s goal is to aid u nderstanding of Native women’s plight and spotlight how treating their sufferings separately was limiting the pain they lived through to this day. Smith pointed out that though other writers have keen interest in bringing native women’s plight mainstream, these writers fell short of taking anRead MoreChronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcà ­a Mà ¡rquez1239 Words   |  5 Pagesexploitation. The Latin American model of gender dominance is unique in that sexual desire and indulgence is not seen as shameful or immoral. The aboriginal cultures didn’t view, sexuality as something to be repressed but as something to be fulfilled and celebrated. This stood in contrast to the strict Catholic principles of abstinence and purity that infiltrated and mixed with local customs throughout the Spanish conquest. Surprisingly though, prostitution wasn’t outlawed in most Latin American countriesRead MoreAnalysis Of The Story The Story Of Mustafa Saeed 1554 Words   |  7 Pagesto the North, the role of women is frequently deployed to demonstrate the relationship between the colonizer and the colonized. Mustafa sees sex as if it is violent in nature, a form of conquest over women whom he heavily objectifies. It feels as if the narrator almost intentionally constructs Mustafa’s journey as a perfectly symbolic anti-colonialism discourse. Mustafa bears the ambition t o reclaim and reassert Africans masculinity by physically dominating European women after his mother countryRead MoreSexual Violence on Native Women2214 Words   |  9 PagesPublications Student Scholarship Spring 2013 Oppression, Sexual Violence and Their Effects on Native American Women Isabella J. Baxter 15 Gettysburg College, Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Native American Studies Commons, and the Womens Studies Commons Baxter, Isabella J. 15, Oppression, Sexual Violence and Their Effects on Native American Women (2013). Student Publications. Paper 87. http://cupolaRead MoreMisogyny Of Hip Hop : The Solution1564 Words   |  7 Pagesthough Hip Hop is the holy grail of music. One of the main problems with Hip Hop is the misogyny of women. Adams and Fuller (2006) define misogyny as the â€Å"hatred or disdain of women† and â€Å"an ideology that reduces women to objects for men’s ownership, use, or abuse† (p. 939). Popular American hip-hop and rap artists, such as Eminem, Ludacris and Ja Rule, have increasingly depicted women as objects of violence or male domination by communicating that â€Å"submission is a desirable trait in a woman† (Stankiewicz

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Significant Hermeneutical and Theological Issues

Question: Discuss about theSignificant Hermeneutical and Theological Issues. Answer: Introduction Today, many people disagree with the interpretation of certain passages of the Bible. Here, the problem is not on the difficulties of reading the scripture, but rather the way the reader come to the interpretation table with distinct backgrounds, education, theologies among others that influences the way one comprehend the text about the biblical truths and one's experience. Hermeneutics is the principle by which the Bible is interpreted, or it is the theory of textual interpretation. This hermeneutical approach has a major effect on the one interpreting it. Basing on Galatians1:1-18 and Luke24:13-32, my essay discusses on some of the theological and hermeneutical issues when interpreting scriptures. Culture Issue Culture is a significant problem that arises when interpreting and reading the scriptures. For instance, people that live in the Western world might experience difficulties with accurate interpretation of a context and how others view everything in the world. Culture hinders understanding of the way things are and how they are intended to be[1]. Culture can hinder one from interpreting the content the way the author intended it to be or how God want it to be. In Galatians Chapter 1, Paul explains the doctrine of justification through faith, but some of the Judaizers were much held to the Moses' law whereby they were trying to include it as part of Christian doctrine. Some miss-interpret it by claiming that it is the justification of faith that does give Christians privilege of signing without being held accountable for the sin[2]. This is not true, what Paul explains is that Christianity is a fellowship with the Father given through Jesus Christ who was His son. In Galatians 1:1, he writes a letter to Galatia and starts by saying that people never made him an apostle, but it is Christ who had appointed him. In that region, there were many people with other doctrines and high culture that did try to change what Paul had established, but this was to warn them.[3] Lots of Jews had received Christ and were trying to incorporate Christianity and Judaism. Paul emphasizes that one cannot remain active in Christianity if he mixes other beliefs with Christianity. According to Paul, the resurrection of Jesus meant an inauguration of the entire era of cosmic regeneration and a new creation. However, according to Epicurean, the resurrection was nonsense since they had adopted the theory that all things are made of atoms in constant and no association, and thus the resurrection of Christ meant nothing to them. They had assumed that some of the atoms had swerved out of their standard form and due to this, Epicureans strongly objected the Resurrection of Christ. Hermeneutical reflection and practice today reflects the plan of our pluralistic, a special interest culture and not the biblical view point. For instance, in some scholarly literature, we find much hermeneutics such as structuralist hermeneutics, black womanist hermeneutics among others hermeneutics. In appreciating that one ought to take the two prospects of the culture of biblical and our culture in the enterprise of interpretive, one can wonder on how biased individual interests hermeneutics have come to be. We confirm this through hermeneutic of reader response which states that "in effect that the legal meaning of any text is usually up to the reader. Theological Issue Luke wrote the book of Luke to ancient people in a culture and language that are ancient. Thus, for readers to have a valid biblical interpretation of a text they must be consistent with the context of historical-cultural of the text.[4] The literary context of Luke chapter 24:13-32 examines the death of Christ with His deliverance. Here the reader is moved from the absence of Christ to His visible appearance. Literature genre may appear where Luke uses different categories of literature to refer to, thus bringing a theological issue. In that chapter, the narrative discloses on the two followers who were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus where one was named Cleopas.[5] One may speculate this by saying this was the one mentioned in the Gospel John 19:25 spelled "Cleophas" thus the other person could be Mary, his wife. Hence, the closeness of these names may bring an issue of interpretation the text in the Bible. In Galatians1:1-18, the purpose of Paul's message was to defend his apostleship due to attack he had on his authority affirming that he was not commissioned by a congregation but through Jesus Christ. His aim was also to discuss on the justification through faith. The language used here, echoes the prophetic call of Jeremiah in the Old Testament and his mission on his calling was to proclaim Christ to the Gentiles.[6] Under the contextual insight of this chapter, it's hard to interpret since it contains grammatical idiosyncrasies where he broke his subject with series of parenthesis, broken sentences, and unusual punctuation. Hence, it can bring a problem in trying to follow the thought of Paul. A theological problem may arise in the scripture of Galatians 1:1-18 on how to relate the Old Testament and the New Testament. One can reveal God in Old Testament in a marvelous way; however, when it comes to Judaism they emphasized the human aspect on the covenant thus mishandling the Mosaic covenant.[7] This can bring a misunderstanding in interpretation if one doesn't relate well the two divisions of Old and New Testament. Kerygma Issue Kerygma is the announcement of a person before. A problem arises when it is expressed as a witness in the scripture. A hermeneutical arises since we are not the one who did witness but we are the hearers who listen to the witnesses.[8] Hence we can only believe by hearing and by interpreting the text which itself is already an interpretation.[9] Luke Chapter 24 confirms the issue of kerygma where Jesus says, "Everything written about me in the Law of Moses and prophets and the Psalms, must be fulfilled." He opened their minds by saying "thus it is written, Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from dead and the repentance and forgiveness of sins should get preached in his name to all nations."[10] The framework of these grammatical versus illustrates the developing Kerygma fulfill, suffer, rise, and preach. We tend to believe what happened through faith since we never witnessed and also in these verses there is fusion of horizons whereby it occurs in the text, but the word w as appropriated in front of the text thus bringing the issue of Hermeneutic.[11] Feminist Issue Feminist Hermeneutical is a subject that revolves around the practice of women's interest. According to Danvers, not only is there "widespread uncertainty and confusion in our culture regarding the complementary differences between masculinity and femininity,"[12] but there has been a resultant confusion regarding the proper treatment and the way biblical text is interpreted. Feminist biblical Hermeneutical comes with three principles including the radical form, the neo-orthodox, and the critical form. The fundamental denies all ability to the Bible claiming it has been formed by men; the neo-orthodox accepts the Bible while the critical form rediscovers women's status and their roles. Women are playing a lively part in exegetical study and have thrived better than men in identifying the presence and were playing a significant role. In Luke 24:22, it was women who were early in the sepulcher, and this had astonished other people. The sensitivity of feminine has helped to unmask and c orrect some normally acknowledged interpretations that were tendentious and aimed to validate the domination of male on women[13]. Feminist Exegesis has proceeded from a preconceived judgment and runs the threat of interpreting texts of the Bible in a tendentious and arguable way. Fundamentalist Issue This interpretation begins with a principle that God's word being stimulated and free error, should be read and be inferred in all details. However, literal interpretation comprehends a literalist interpretation that is nave by excluding every endeavor in comprehending the Bible that accounts for its historical origin and improvement[14]. Fundamentalist has a problem in the interpretation of the biblical text since it refuses to be responsible for the historical character of the revelation of the Bible and makes itself unable of accommodating the whole truth of the incarnation itself. It fails to identify that God's word has been created in language and expression accustomed by various phases. Luke 24:15 on the resurrection of Jesus, seems to challenge a belief in the bodily Christ resurrection. Christ appears and disappears out of thin air, and this describes a more ethereal resurrection[15]. The belief in resurrection that is physical can raise questions on whether bodies will be r aised just as they are. Fundamentalist is dangerous since it is attractive to people who looks to the Bible to get ready answers for life's problems thus offers them religious interpretations but illusory, rather than telling them the word doesn't contain immediate solutions to their daily problems. Rhetorical Analysis Issue The current studies in the area of biblical have committed some substantial attention to the existence of features of rhetorical in scripture since the more biblical text is in some character of measure persuasive. Rhetoric is the action of creating discourse in aiming influential. The rhetoric draws attention to language capacity so as to persuade and convince[16]. Every discourse situation involves three elements such as the speaker, the discourse, and the audience. The word of God is not just a statement of truths rather it is a message that carries within itself a communication function in a prcised context, carry with it certain argument power and a rhetorical strategy. When rhetorical analysis remains on the level of explanation, its results often reflects an apprehension for style only. It is not an independent method that is sufficient by itself and the way it is applied raises various questions. In Galatians chapter 1:2, Paul addresses his message to the people of Galatia me aning that it was to be read by those assemblies. Here, Galatians functions like a speech thus emphasizing linear presentation. "The audience hears the words in progression without the opportunity to review what has been said earlier and an orally received text are characterized by a greater degree of repetition than is a text is intended to be read privately." [17] Christological Issue Christology is main concerned with nature and person of Jesus and it is mainly concerned with details of the ministry of Jesus, his teachings in arriving at a clear understanding and his role in salvation. There are three hermeneutical issues that arise in Christology which are Jesus' resurrection, narrative's role in Christology and that Jesus is the universal savior. All these may bring an issue when interpreting the Bible[18]. After Jesus had resurrected, he engages in an interesting conversation with two of his disciples on the journey to Emmaus. In the dialogue He tells them "beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.[19] Later in the chapter, he tells them that all the things written will come to be fulfilled. Today, many who truly believe in the Old Testament must be led in the light of the New Testament. Luke 24 substantiate a hermeneutic of Christological where to some it means an allegorical inte rpretation method that sees the picture of Jesus and his work as a deliverance hidden in the Old Testament but to others they see it as proof that encodes references to Christ. In this way, truths revealed in the New Testaments about the Messiah are seen as the central to discovering the real meaning of the scriptures of the Old Testament. In these verses of Luke, he does not mandate Christological hermeneutic since in the verses there is no record of a particular verse that was referred to by Jesus[20]. According to Jesus in Luke 24, the two men central problem was with them was foolishness and slowness of heart that did prevent them from believing what been revealed about Him in the Old Testament. Today, many claims that the Old Testament cannot be understood apart from the New Testament light, but this is opposite in Luke 24. Jesus had expected them to be able to comprehend and to believe what had been taught about him apart from the light of the revelation of the New Testament. Jesus was affirming the perspicuity of Old Testament and insisting that its original audience could understand its revelation. The Canonical Issue The canonical approach expresses its perception that the critical method of historical, experiences difficulty time in arriving at conclusions in a level of theological. It seeks to position each text within God's plan. The system does not affirm to be an alternative for the critical method of historical and the hope is usually rather compete it[21]. In canonical approach, the complex relation that exists is that of Jewish and Christian canons of scripture, and this raises a problem of interpretation. Canonical interpret each text in the light of canon scripture and thus the Bible is acknowledged as the norm of faith by community's believers. Conclusion The way a biblical text is interpreted has an effect on the truth of that verse. There many hermeneutical issues that are related to the interpretation of the biblical text and scripture. The message must be looked on who wrote the text (writer), why he wrote the text and who it is intended to so as to be able to interpret clearly the content of the text. References [1] Mohr, J. W., Rawlings, C. (2012). Four ways to measure culture: Social science, hermeneutics, and the cultural turn. The Oxford handbook of cultural sociology, 70-113. 2 Brevard S. Childs. (1992). Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments: Theological Reflection on the Christians Bible. Minneapolis: Fortress, 324-326. 3Hardin, J. K. (2014). GALATIANS 12 WITHOUT A MIRROR.Tyndale Bulletin,65, 275-303. 4Brevard S. Childs, Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments: Theological Reflection on the Christians Bible. Minneapolis: Fortress, 1992, 324-326. 5 Luke Chapter 24:16-32 6 Gerhard Ebeling. The Nature of Faith trans. Ronald Gregor Smith (London: Collins, 1961), 188-191. 7Martin Buber, "The man of Today and Jewish Bible, "Biblical Humanism: Eighteen Studies by Martin Buber, ed. Nahum N. Glatzer. London: Macdonald, 1968, 5-6. 8Anthony C. Thistleton, Hermeneutics: An Introduction (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009), 191-94. 9 Luke Chapter 24:13-32 10 Robert W. Wall, "Reading the New Testament in Canonical Context," in Hearing the New Testament: Strategies for Interpretation. Ed. J.B. Green. (GrandRapids, Eerdmans 1995)384-85. 11 Pratt, D. (2015). Terrorism and religious fundamentalism: Prospects for a predictive paradigm. Marburg Journal of Religion, 11(1). 12 Luke 24:15 13Copeland, R., Melville, S. (2013). Allegory and Allegoresis, Rhetoric and Hermeneutics.Exemplaria. 14Rickert, T. (2013).Ambient rhetoric: The attunements of rhetorical being. University of Pittsburgh Pre. 15Bloemendal, J. (2016). Exegesis and Hermeneutics in Erasmus' Paraphrase on Luke. Erasmus Studies, 36(2), 148-162. 16 Luke 24:27 17Schillebeeckx, E. (2013). Can Christology be an Experiment?.Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America,35. 18Watson, F. (2013). Gospel writing: A canonical perspective. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.

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Bi-Polar Article Review

Bi-Polar Article Review Free Online Research Papers The article that I choose was created by Himanshu P Upadhyaya and Mary C Fields and talked about bipolar disorder. I choose this article because I have a relative that suffered has suffered from bipolar disorder for many years. I really wanted to learn more about this disorder so if possible I can better assist my relative. I believe this disorder is something that is a lot more common than what people think and it really has the potential to disrupt your life unless you get a handle on it. The authors begin by giving a quick background of this disorder. They say that bipolar disorder is a mood of disorder in which feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions are altered in the contest of episodes of mania and depression. Bipolar disorder was previously known as mania disorder and was rarely thought to have occurred in youth. However with new research they say it’s now thought that 20% of cases start to occur in adolescence. The disorder is not distinguished differently in the diagnosis process whether it is a child or adult. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) uses universal symptoms to define the diagnostic criteria for mood episodes, including major depression and manic episodes. They say that type one bipolar disorder is defined as one true manic episode with or without psychotic features is the necessary and sufficient criterion. Type II bipolar disorder is diagnosed on the basis of at least one hypomania episode. Therefore, bi polar disorders are viewed as having a spectrum of symptoms that range from mild hypomania to the most extreme mania, which has the potential to including life threatening behaviors. The symptoms of this disease can include everything from an abnormal, often expansive and elevated mood lasting for at least 1 week, to a decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts or a sense that thoughts are out of control, rapid and often pressured speech, hyper sexuality, reckless behaviors and risk taking and more. In addition, increased risk taking has the potential to involve physical, emotional, or financial endangerment. Therefore the author says that a person’s financial accounts, or important relationships may be in such a disarray as to lead to adverse outcomes, including the loss if important family and friends, serious financial setbacks, job losses, legal problems, and the possibility of becoming homeless. Most patients with bipolar disorder present in early adulthood at the ages of 20-30 years old. The second most common age group is 15-19 years old. In distinction to Kraepelin’s report that 38% of his patients had an onset when they were younger than 20 years, the most recent estimates are that 20-30% of youths in whom a major depressive disorder previously diagnosed develop symptoms consistent with a manic state or at a later age. Therefore an adolescent or child who initially presents with depression may have a hidden bipolar disorder that becomes apparent later in life. During diagnosis it’s also important to examine the immediate family to the patient. Genetic and family factors have a profound influence on the appearance of bipolar disorder. Chang and colleagues in 2000 reported that children who have at least one biological parent with bipolar disorder have increased psychopathology. At this time, there is no lab study that can be used to simply diagnose this disorder. Therefore doctors must be extremely careful and must consider everything before making an evaluation. The need first step in evaluating a person for this disorder to make sure that no other medical condition, or medical prescription is causing the mood or thought disturbance. I personally have heard on several occasions where a patient was miss-diagnosed and was mistaken to have bipolar disorder when in fact it was another prescription that they were on, was the cause of the disturbance. The next step in potentially diagnosing someone with bipolar disorder is to perform a physical exam, and then gather information from family friends and perhaps other physicians to whom the patient has known. The disturbance may be caused by a physical health problem or by a mental health problem that was brought up upon by recent events in ones’ life. Other tests are also done to ensure proper diagnosis i s followed. Finally the authors say that numerous studies have been done to determine if, if any link between the disorder and cognitive neuro-developmental factors are also seen in the development of bipolar disorder. In recap, bipolar disorder can be a very life threatening disorder. It’s also very hard at times to diagnose, and everything in the patient’s life must be considered before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It’s a disease that has the potential to be very crippling on ones’ life as well as family. While I was looking for a more reactive approach to treating family with this disorder, it was very interesting to learn how they diagnose bipolar disease and what steps are involved in it. Research Papers on Bi-Polar Article ReviewThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseThree Concepts of PsychodynamicEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalResearch Process Part OneWhere Wild and West MeetInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesGenetic EngineeringThe Fifth HorsemanThe Effects of Illegal Immigration

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Etiology of Anti-Social Behaviour essays

Etiology of Anti-Social Behaviour essays Society must accept responsibility to control anti-social behaviour among adolescents, in order to limit youth violence. Four theories of child anti-social behaviour are neoclassical, biological, psychological, and the economic/ sociological theory (Hoge s delinquency; of which the two most encompassing factors are environmental and biological. Environmental factors are a widely accepted hypothesis concerning juvenile crime and violence. Parental failure, poverty, TV, and location of upbringing are a few recognized instigators of delinquency; however, recent studies have hypothesized the significance heritability and genetics have on a childs response to his/her environment. Research provides support that biological and environmentally based anti-social behaviour may be overcome through social and educational programs aimed at high risk individuals, leaving deterrents and medical treatments as a last resort. Despite hesitation from many professionals, genetic acknowledgment will provide the missing piece of information concerning human nature and tendencies. Longitudinal studies show males born with a sluggish version of the gene for monoamine oxidase A, or MAOA, tended to have a higher level of aggression and anti-social behaviour. The MAOA gene is situated on the X chromosome, and is responsible for imbalance in neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine (Bower, 2002). A longitudinal study from New Zealand followed 442 males from age three to eleven. By age eleven 36% of the boys had been mentally, physically, or sexually abused. Although the only 12 % of the abused boys possessed the low-activity MAOA gene, 85%of these boys developed anti-social behaviour. In contrast, boys who inherited a highly active MAOA gene may promote trauma resistance (Bower, 2002). Twin and adopti...

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Forces behind technology and innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Forces behind technology and innovation - Essay Example Forces behind technological innovations in the 20th Century Technological innovations in the twentieth Century range from mechanized farming, industrial developments and product enhancements. There are various explanations for these changes depending on the areas one is focusing on. For instance, in the early twentieth Century, mechanized farming was adopted because several countries had acquired vast amounts of land and their territories had expanded. This meant that the ratio of farmers to land was quite low, there was a need to look for more feasible methods of farming hence the rise in mechanized farming. (Berkeley, 2007) Industrial developments were triggered by social trends among many other reasons. First of all, consumers in the western world became quite busy. They were also increasingly affluent and there was more demand for industrially manufactured goods. These consumers required goods on time and they needed to access them conveniently. Consequently, manufacturers had to look for methods that could accommodate these pressures. There was more specialization and commodities were now created in a larger scale. All these changes necessitated the employment of technology and innovation Possible triggers in the future As the world’s consumption rates are increasing day by day, there is increasing concern about sustainability. Many experts agree that current consumption trends may not leave enough resources for future generations. This is especially in relation to exhaustible resources such as fuel, food, water and wood products. As a result, it is likely that most technological innovations in the future will concentrate on sustainability.

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Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Management slp 5 Essay

Knowledge Bases and Knowledge Management slp 5 - Essay Example When we run the report, the real data is recovered and joined together with the format, and after that rendered on our screen, from where we can send out it, print it, or spare it. In this lesson, we figured out how to make a report server extend in SQL Server Data Devices (SSDT). A report server undertaking is utilized to make reports that run on a report server. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report era programming framework from Microsoft. It is some piece of suite of Microsoft SQL Server services, including SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). While SSAS empowers clients to develop uncommon databases for quick investigation of a lot of data, keeping in mind SSIS empowers clients to coordinate data from numerous sources outside Microsoft SQL Server databases, SSRS empowers clients to rapidly and effectively produce reports from Microsoft SQL Server databases. The SSRS administration gives an exceptional interface into Microsoft Visual Studio so that engineers and additionally SQL overseers can unite with SQL databases and utilization SSRS instruments to configuration SQL reports in numerous complex ways. SSRS likewise gives a Report Builder instrument for less specialized IT specialists to arrangement SQL reports of lesser intricacy. Managed by means of a web interface, it might be utilized to get ready and convey an assortment of intuitive and printed reports. SSRS rivals Crystal Reports and different business discernment instruments.SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report era programming framework from Microsoft. It is some piece of suite of Microsoft SQL Server services, including SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services). While SSAS empowers clients to develop extraordinary databases for quick examination of a lot of data, keeping in mind SSIS empowers clients to incorporate data from numerous sources